Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Happens in Vegas...

I decided on Thursday to take a weekend trip to Las Vegas to take care of a "bit of business" in Kingman, AZ (a whole other Oprah). This was the second time that I had been to Vegas since all the new hotels, etc have been built and opened...and I still have only seen them from the airplane....which is an incredible view!

Anyway, Saturday morning my brother (Goodie) and I drove over to Kingman to take care of that "bit of business". As it turns out, Goodie and I both are blonde (not to offend anyone). We totally forgot that AZ was in a different time zone than NV, so arrived too late to take care that "bit of business". The "bit of business" kinda worked out...but it was kind of an expensive trip to not exactly accomplish its intent. This little story definitely needed to stay ion Vegas...but I couldn't resist sharing with you. However, I did get to spend time with my nephew, Marquel...the sweetie pie at the top of this post.

Since I was in Kingman anyway, which is a very small town that is FULL of antiques stores, I convinced Goodie to visit a couple of stores with me. This is what I brought home with me (but not all that I bought (explanation below).

$5 for a little doll

More Keys...they will always come in handy

An interesting little framed picture in a box...still trying to figure out what this is.
It is in a little leather box....there is a gold metal frame around the
picture and under the glass...does anyone know anything about this item?

And my favorite find...this broken porcelain doll head...
with probably just enough of a neck to attach to a doll project.

About the other items I purchased...as I was paying for items, the husband owner (whom we found out had grown up on 134th and Budlong in Los Angeles which was just a few miles where Goodie and I grew up in Gardena, CA - small world) asked..."How are you going to get that back to Texas?"...to which I quickly answered, "In my luggage, of course." (Another blonde moment.)

The problem...the items I purchased were 3 bullet / missile casings that I thought might look good as part of an assemblage doll. Of course, the casings were empty, but I don't think they would be able to determine that via the baggage xray device.

Can you see me now on the evening news! Why do people always look horrible in mug shots? They would have pulled me off of the plane and asked questions later! Goodie is going to send them to me via the US Postal Service...keep an eye out for me on the evening news.

Goodie and I also stopped at the Hoover Dam. I also got to visit my sister-in-law's hair salon opened recently. I also took some pictures of Goodie's truck. I will share these pictures in my next post...this post is already too long!

Stay creative!



Sue said...

Oh my, I chuckled over your
'lethal weapon' purchase and the quandary on how to transport them. USPS sounds like a good choice!

Your nephew is adorable!

Sherry Goodloe said...

I am so glad that the store owner posed the question to you about transporting those bullet casings! I don't have money to bail you out of jail. LOL

Sorry I haven't called or written you back . . . this day job and my "new schedule" is wearing me thin these days Lezlei :( I'll call you over the weekend after I catch up on some rest!

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Are your roots showing? :] Sounds like a good trip and you got some treasures..."Yes, officer I did say I was gonna use these bullet casings for a doll."

Have a great day!

Heartinmyhand said...

To funny. I saw you signed up for Joanna's online art class. Can't wait to see the empty shell casings in a doll.

Beeshebags said...

Yikes...Have made a mental note to self to always be nice to Lezlei...Wise move to get Goodie to mail the casings to you...although you'll probably both end up on the news...him for mailing them and you for being the recipient...you maybe could've asked the guy at the store to mail them, seens as though he was the one who bought it to your attention about taking them on the plane! In closing....what a cutie pie your nephew Marquel is hun. How old is he? Wonder if he'll end up liking light skinned 1/4 caste gals?!? I have a gorgeous G/D that fits the bill! Hugs Naomi from Adelaide, Sth Australia