Thursday, February 26, 2009

Collage - Mossy Style

I decided to take JoAnnA Pierotti's new online class, Collage - Mossy Style. This is one of 2 online classes that JoAnnA is currently offering. JoAnnA's class offers a series of videos with simple easy to follow instructions - absolute quality! This is the resulting collage that I created at 2:30 AM this morning.

The collage is on a 5x5 canvas I purchased for 97 cents at Michael's (yes, Michael's). The photograph is from a collage sheet gifted to all who entered Julie Herrmann's giveaway at HeArt Collective during the OWOH (isn't she sweet!). JoAnnA's technique for creating the textured background is really cool. Add a little ephemera and Voila! I am still working on my muddy backgrounds (and my photography), but I am not disappointed with my results at all!
I seem to have a lot of blog catching up to do! Tomorrow...."to the mattresses!"
Stay Creative!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Happens in Vegas...

I decided on Thursday to take a weekend trip to Las Vegas to take care of a "bit of business" in Kingman, AZ (a whole other Oprah). This was the second time that I had been to Vegas since all the new hotels, etc have been built and opened...and I still have only seen them from the airplane....which is an incredible view!

Anyway, Saturday morning my brother (Goodie) and I drove over to Kingman to take care of that "bit of business". As it turns out, Goodie and I both are blonde (not to offend anyone). We totally forgot that AZ was in a different time zone than NV, so arrived too late to take care that "bit of business". The "bit of business" kinda worked out...but it was kind of an expensive trip to not exactly accomplish its intent. This little story definitely needed to stay ion Vegas...but I couldn't resist sharing with you. However, I did get to spend time with my nephew, Marquel...the sweetie pie at the top of this post.

Since I was in Kingman anyway, which is a very small town that is FULL of antiques stores, I convinced Goodie to visit a couple of stores with me. This is what I brought home with me (but not all that I bought (explanation below).

$5 for a little doll

More Keys...they will always come in handy

An interesting little framed picture in a box...still trying to figure out what this is.
It is in a little leather box....there is a gold metal frame around the
picture and under the glass...does anyone know anything about this item?

And my favorite find...this broken porcelain doll head...
with probably just enough of a neck to attach to a doll project.

About the other items I I was paying for items, the husband owner (whom we found out had grown up on 134th and Budlong in Los Angeles which was just a few miles where Goodie and I grew up in Gardena, CA - small world) asked..."How are you going to get that back to Texas?" which I quickly answered, "In my luggage, of course." (Another blonde moment.)

The problem...the items I purchased were 3 bullet / missile casings that I thought might look good as part of an assemblage doll. Of course, the casings were empty, but I don't think they would be able to determine that via the baggage xray device.

Can you see me now on the evening news! Why do people always look horrible in mug shots? They would have pulled me off of the plane and asked questions later! Goodie is going to send them to me via the US Postal Service...keep an eye out for me on the evening news.

Goodie and I also stopped at the Hoover Dam. I also got to visit my sister-in-law's hair salon opened recently. I also took some pictures of Goodie's truck. I will share these pictures in my next post...this post is already too long!

Stay creative!


Friday, February 20, 2009


Well this is what I have been working on - still unfinished. I am still working through techniques in "Taking Flight" by Kelly Rae Roberts (I love her book). I have named the piece "Unburdened". I will share the inspiration behind the piece with its final unveiling (when it's finished).

I am working on my abilty to create depth in my backgrounds. I painted the 12x24 canvas with Golden Black Gesso. Next some Golden Molding Paste to create some texture (I need to be a bit bolder in the use of my molding pastes…next time). I then added some Golden Quinacridone / Nickel Azo Gold. I allowed to dry completely between each application. Then I covered everything in a wash of Golden Titan Buff, then blotted it here and there with a paper towel.
I stared at it for a day until I saw a face. I filled in the face area with Titanium White, Iron Oxide and a bit of Titan Buff. The back of her head disappears into the canvas. My intent is to lift a face from the filled in area by adding shadows and highlights.

You can see I have added the mouth and some shadows and highlights. I also added arms and a heart with wings...waiting for shadows and highlights.

Stay creative!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To the Post Office!!!

Off to the Post Office in the morning. I have lots of shipping to do. I will be sending off my OWOH items as well as some things for my FAVORITE grandaughter. I am sending my favorite grandaughter "Pictureka" (it's kinda like "where's Waldo")...she is great at that kind of stuff, I suck at it! I am also sending a monkey to deliver a big hug from Grandma Lala and some Vera Wang Princess items in the cute little bag. AND I am sending her 2 outfits that I think she will look gorgeous in!

One other thing I should mention...I gifted myself with Photoshop. I may be going digital with my art any day now...

Stay Creative!


Happy Birthday Clarence!!!

Today is the 29th birthday of my oldest manchild, Clarence. It took 17 hours to deliver my precious baby. Following the delivery, hormones are crazy and emotions are high. I remember when they put him on my stomach as they pushed me to recovery, I looked at my baby and started to cry. His head was elongated from his trip through the birth canal. I thought "my baby has a cucumber head" and began to cry. Well, it was as good a reason to cry as anything...crying just had to happen! Of course his head didn't stay that way. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Clarence with his wife and daughter.

...insert picture

Isn't he handsome! If you read this today and you believe in the power of God through prayer, pray for my baby today according to how the Spirit may lead you. A mother thanks you.

I love you Babe!

More Shopping!!!

I seem to have more supplies and ideas than finished art. Yes, I have been shopping. I NEEDED to visit the greatest quilt store in Dallas, TX, Quilts ‘n More . It is located in historic downtown Midlothian, Texas, just 30 miles south of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. I met 2 of the 3 owners Kathleen Allen, Jean McKinney (twins). It was the friendliest place and every fabriholics dream!

I was very controlled with my spending, but I did join the Block of the Month Club that meets the 1st Saturday of the month. Listen to this! The first Saturday you pay $5 bucks for the material for your first block. If you show up the next 1st Saturday with your FINISHED block, you get your next block free! So if you show up with your finished block each month, at the end of the year you will have a quilt top for $5 (in my case $10 - since I got started late I had to pay for my January and February blocks)! That is awesome! Here are the few things I purchased including my January and February block kits: Yummy batiks from their gorgeous selection, Moda "urban couture" precut 6" blocks. These blocks include several different fabrics and are great for quilting, and for small faric projects. I have already created a handful of little hearts that I have embellished with beads and stuff (lol) for my dollies. I also picked up a couple of small paper piecing kits to try my hand at paper piecing.

So I left the quilt store and my new friends and "lo and behold", there was a thrift store right across the street! Here are the goodies I found there. First, a new magazine holder for $2 bucks. Now I can organize SOME of the mags and books I have purchased since I moved to Texas. If I feel really industrious one day I may get out the gesso!

Here are my other thrift store finds. Two square wooden frames with mirrors; small silver-plated serving tray; a silver-plated compote and swan; a brass candle holder that will become a stand for a dollie and (in the foreground) a little metal candle holder that is headed for the rust bin.

An since I had to pass by Hobby Lobby anyway, I stopped in and picked up a few miscellaneous items.

The two little stamps (i.e. flourish and the bird), I actually grabbed out of the $1 bin at Michaels last week. I figured I would throw those in so you could see them.
You Stay Creative...I better GET creative with all the stuff I'm collecting!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

And the OWOH Winner IS...

Thank all 187 of you for participating in my OWOH giveaway. Thank you Lisa of A Whimsical Bohemian for hosting such an awesome event! Thank you Sherry Goodloe of GotArt for telling me about the OWOH event.

The winner of my OWOH giveaway is...

Kimmie of Once Upon A Blue Crow is a wonderful dollmaker from "somewhere in" Virginia, United States. Clover will have lots of doll friends to keep her company! I have sent Kimmie an email requesting her postal address so that Clover can be on her way. Clover is hoping her repurposed woodland attire is appropriate to greet her new friends!

As a thank you for participating in my OWOH giveaway, I have also decided to give the following 3 additional prizes. I have also emailed them for their postal address so that their surprise gifts can be on the way:

My 100th entry - Naomi of Beeshebags (Australia)

My last entry - Lynda of Ozlynda (Australia)

Now it BEGINS! I can take the time to return to all of the awesome blogs and nurture the friendships that I made along the way. I look forward to sharing with you soon!

Congratulations Winners!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday "AuntieMommy" (Sherry) from GotArt!!!

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law-best-friend-forever Sherry Goodloe of GotArt. My sons Clarence and Aaron affectionately call her "AuntieMommy". She is having a great birthday month. Pop over and wish her the best! GotArt

Well I got a chance to run out on Sunday. Inspired by my new book "Acrylic Revolution" by Nancy Reyner, my first stop was Asel Art Supply where I picked up some more Golden items. Paint brushes were on sale for 50% off, so I also picked up 2 gorgeous paint brushes. I also picked up 2 6x12 wooden supports. I have already painted one with gesso...since it seems to be the prerequisite to everything!

Oh! Who is in the picture? It is actually "Betsy" the cousin of my maternal grandmother. I cropped her from a picture with my grandmother and one other cousin that was taken in 1925 when my grandmother was only 11 years old. The picture of the 3 of them is unbelievably precious! You couldn't handle so much preciousness all at once so you will only see Betsy today! I printed Betsy on scrapbook paper (a great tip seen in my "Exhibition 36" book by Susan Tuttle).

As I was on my way home from Asel Art Supply I noticed a thrift store! I looked around for a while until the rusty item below jumped off the shelf. I looks like it is a candle holder of some sort. It had a small item (definitely a candle holder) taped to it. The small holder will probably end up being feet for something. The larger holder is screaming DOLL BODY to me right now...we'll see. I am quite satisfied with my $2 find! Overall, I think this store will not be a good source for great finds. It gets a 3 on the "junk worthiness" scale.

Reminder...Wednesday is the last day to enter drawings for Lisa's One World~One Heart Giveaway! Don't miss all the awesome goodies! You can enter my giveaway by clicking here!

Stay Creative!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Never Leave Home Without It!!!

I will try not to make this too long a story...

I probably haven't mentioned that I am a IT Project Manager (the real job). In May of 2008, I moved from sunny CA to humid Texas in search for gold (affordable real estate). God's plan and timing is just a little different than mine...I am totally with that...His plan and timing are always better!

As it happened, the gold is still within reach, but in the meantime I am living with my 75 year old Mom and my 93 year old grandmother and providing support they need currently as they recover from a stroke and surgery, respectively. There is no place I'd rather be than helping them.

I work from home which is a real blessing for this circumstance. There are caregivers coming and going all week long to handle personal care, physical and occupational therapy, as well as weekly nurse visits. All that to say...I don't get out much.
So Thursday after work (I keep a strict schedule), I went wandering not to far from home to Agatha's Antiques and fell upon the most romantic scene!!! I said ROMANTIC!

A young man had orchestrated a proposal at Agatha's Antiques! Why Agatha's? As it turns out the couple collects bottles and they purchased their first Dr Pepper bottle at Agatha's shop! The young man had advised the owners of what he planned to do. He placed a Dr Pepper bottle near the rear of the store. He tied a string around the bottle which his "intended" followed to a small white box with a ring in it. The answer was YES!!!

Now wouldn't it be lovely if I had pictures to show you...WELL I DON'T because my camera was left at home once again and I missed this beautiful photo-op. What is worse, they didn't have a camera either!

So from this moment forward (lol), me and my Sony cybershot 5.1 megapixel camera with 3x optical lens are ONE. I will never leave home without it again!!!

But I did get some shopping done...

Look at this loot...waiting to embellish a dolly!

I also found this little silver plated dish...
Don't they look good together while they wait for a dolly?

I also found this New Amsterdam Silver Co quadruple plated
footed creamer #617 that will be great to hold some do-dads.

Here are some more perspectives of the creamer.

Well...these 2 knob plates are headed for the rust bin
to get good and rusty for a project!

I hope your day is full of wonderful creations!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pretend That Today is Yesterday...

...because that is when I intended to post this blog. I have put myself on a daily program to continue to visit all of the OWOH blogs. I may even make it to them all...NOT...but I'm having fun trying!

Remember those backgrounds from the last blog? Well I started working on one of them that includes an altered photograph. It is unfinished - but take a look! I am trying to keep to neutrals (excepts for the lips). We will see how it works out.
Stay Creative!