Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To the Post Office!!!

Off to the Post Office in the morning. I have lots of shipping to do. I will be sending off my OWOH items as well as some things for my FAVORITE grandaughter. I am sending my favorite grandaughter "Pictureka" (it's kinda like "where's Waldo")...she is great at that kind of stuff, I suck at it! I am also sending a monkey to deliver a big hug from Grandma Lala and some Vera Wang Princess items in the cute little bag. AND I am sending her 2 outfits that I think she will look gorgeous in!

One other thing I should mention...I gifted myself with Photoshop. I may be going digital with my art any day now...

Stay Creative!



Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Packages from Grandma are the best! Those outfits are too cute!

Brian Koffman said...


So great to hear from you.

Please drop me an email (bkoffmanmd@gmail.com so we can stay in touch.

I look forward to weaving my way through your blog and will tell Jennie to look you up.

Be well

Dr K

Sherry Goodloe said...

oooooooh nice - very nice! :)