Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Clarence!!!

Today is the 29th birthday of my oldest manchild, Clarence. It took 17 hours to deliver my precious baby. Following the delivery, hormones are crazy and emotions are high. I remember when they put him on my stomach as they pushed me to recovery, I looked at my baby and started to cry. His head was elongated from his trip through the birth canal. I thought "my baby has a cucumber head" and began to cry. Well, it was as good a reason to cry as anything...crying just had to happen! Of course his head didn't stay that way. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Clarence with his wife and daughter.

...insert picture

Isn't he handsome! If you read this today and you believe in the power of God through prayer, pray for my baby today according to how the Spirit may lead you. A mother thanks you.

I love you Babe!

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