Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12 Tags with Tim Holtz

It starts tomorrow!  I feel like the lady with her face pressed to the window of the Target on sale da waiting for the store to open...you know the lady (smiles).  Where will I be at 12:01 AM...the Tim Holtz 12 Tags party blog!

Come join in and kick start your creativity!  Here is a link to the party!

Stay Creative!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Best Christmas Card I Ever Got !

There are moments in the struggle of being a single Mom that are so precious that they can never be forgotten and will always be cherished. Just wanted to share a hand-made Christmas card I received from my youngest son Aaron many years ago- definitely one such moment...

The front was simple...just "Merry Christmas".

But what was inside was a poem my son had written and one of the greatest gifts I have received...

Just in case you can't read from the image...it says:

When I was young

You made sure songs of Nat King Cole were sung,

The tree was well decorated,

And I was well loved,

Everything I wanted you found a way to get,

I think because you loved to see

My eyes happily lit,

Now that I’m older that same love is true

You constantly keep giving

Though there’s no gift for you,

When I can change that believe I will,

So you can feel my love,

As yours I feel

But until then you will have to settle for my love,

Which will stay as pure

And as flightful as a heaven bound dove.

Aaron Young

Aaron is 27 years old now, married and a Sergeant in the USAF...as YES he still loves his Mama.

Here's wishing you a memorable Holiday season!

Stay Creative!