Monday, January 31, 2011

One World One Heart 2011

UPDATE:  Winner will be announced at 2:00 PM central Time...the birthday boy is
in a different time zone and doesn't get up too early...smiles.

So many wonderful blogs, so little time (smiles).

What a great opportunity for bloggers like me to meet and share in an INTERNATIONAL event!  Can’t wait to make some new friends…what an awesome idea!  Thank you Lisa for hosting another year!

About Me:  My name is Lezlei and I am a multi media artist and doll maker living in Cedar Hill, Texas (Dallas).  For more information about me, please click on the "Meet the Artist" menu item above.

The winner of the  Breath of ART OWOH giveaway will receive the following:

Mini Gift Bag with Vintage Toddler Photo
(handmade by me)

OOAK Mixed Media Collage - "Sister"

"Sister" is a OOAK mixed media collage on an 8” x 8” x 2” stretched wrapped gallery canvas and is part of my Heritage Collage Series. The canvas is painted and textured using acrylics in rust and olive tones. The piece is embellished with paper, a bit of vintage lace, and a silk flower. Rusted items were added and contrast the piece beautifully. The back of the canvas is covered to prevent dust and provide a “gallery finish”. “Sister” is ready for hanging.

I will be announcing the winner of the Breath of Art OWOH giveaway on Thursday, February 17th at 8:00 AM Central Time. Here are some simple guidelines that will assure that 10 years later I won’t be holding on to your prize and waiting for your postal address. It’s awful, but that is what I would do!

1. OWOH is an international event and is open to bloggers worldwide
2. Enter the BREATH of ART OWOH giveaway by leaving a comment on THIS post. It’s OK to keep your comments short and simple…it is up to you. However, make sure your comment includes your contact information in case you win. Include a link to your blog or OWOH giveway (if you are participating). I'd LOVE to visit your blog or giveaway.
3. The winner will be announced Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 8:00 AM central time. The winner will be chosen by asking my oldest son (whose birthday is February 17th) to select a random number from the total number of entries on my blog. I will email the winner as well as post the winner's name on my blog. The winner will be responsible to respond to my email address with the address to where the prize should be mailed.

Remember...You MUST leave a comment on THIS post (below).

Hey! It is not too late for you to join in the FUN! Just go here or click the OWOH logo above to meet Lisa from “A Whimsical Bohemian”, the creator and host and learn about the One World~One Heart event. You have until February 12th to join in on the fun!Stay Creative!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Facelift in Progress...

Vintage French Dress Forms

Time for a blog "facelift" is a PROCESS.  It begins scheduled for completion on January 30th.  Hung the new banner for a while today to make sure it fit.
Here are some lyrics from a song by Chris Rice that seems appropriate.  Come back by and check out my new and improved (well... dusted off anyway) blog on January 30th!

PARDON MY DUST by Chris Rice

Pardon my dust, excuse the mess
we're making somethin' new out of all of this
I'm saying my prayers, and I'm trying to change
so give me some time, 'cause I'm still finding my way

Why are you lookin' at me this way?
pointing your finger, shakin' your head
how 'bout some love along the way, instead

Pardon my dust, excuse this mess
I've left a trail of debris, so you've gotta be
very careful where you step
I've made some mistakes, so what?
Done quite a few things wrong
Could you roll up your tidy sleeves and help a [sister artist] along?

Pardon my dust, excuse the mess
Please don't be another judge I need to try to impress
Stop calling me names, stop casting your stones
let the good Lord sort this all out when we are all at home

Pardon my dust, excuse my mess
help me believe there's gonna be something beautiful on the other side of this
have patience with me, I'm still sweeping floors
so pardon my dust, I'll pardon yours

Stay Creative!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Every Inchie Monday Challenge - MAUDLIN

It's Every Inchie Monday! Today's inspiration word is "maudlin". I totally had to look the word up...I had never heard this word before. Here is the definition:
maud·lin adj \ˈmȯd-lən\
Function:  Adjective
Meaning:  [more maud*lin; most maud*lin] : showing or expressing too much emotion especially in a foolish or annoying way ▪ He became maudlin and started crying like a child. ▪ a maudlin love story ▪ maudlin poetry
This week my inchies are little collages.  The eye featured in "I often cry" is actually mine...I always loved that my eyes were big (smiles).

You can see other inchies and other interpretations of "MAUDLIN" here.  Maybe you want to join us next week - it's going to be MIRTHFUL!

Stay Creative!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. So many of us disregard the elegance of simplicity
2. I remain true to my self even in hardship.
3. Those who are accepting of themselves, don't judge others
4. My next artistic endeavor is overdue but is waiting quietly.
5. Light is in both the wave and particle (smiles)
6. Challenge of all that is ordinary.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a good night's rest tomorrow my plans include fixing my Mom's leak in her bathroom and Sunday, I want to go to church!

Stay Creative!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

(Note:  scroll to the bottom to turn off my music player to listen to the speech.)

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands
in moments of comfort and convenience,
but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. "
- - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today and TOGETHER, we celebrate the life and legacy one of the great men of faith who through his perserverance and determination gave equality a voice, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Happy Birthday Martin! We are forever thankful for your life and the hope it gave a nation!

Keep Believing!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday - Time to De-Bling!

Today I celebrated my 57th year and I am thankful!  Thankful for life, love friends, family and YOU!

My birthday also signals that it is time to put all the Christmas decorations away for another year.  Well here is a last look at the BLING from the holidays.

Stay Creative!


Every Inchie Monday - Power

This week's theme is POWER...well there is nothing stronger than LOVE!  I truly believe that!  That statement reminded me of lyrics from a song by one of my favorite "crooners", Luther Vandross who left us WAAAY too soon...Luther says..

There's nothing better than love
What in the world could you ever be thinking of
It's better by far
So let yourself reach for that star
And go no matter how far To the one you love

A simple inchie with background paper, stamps, a little distressing and a little distressed heart colored with Copics markers and torn from watercolor paper.

Stay Creative!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Every Inchie Monday

January 3, 2011 - Eclectic
A vintage photo...a little corrugated cardboard...a little fabric...a little sewing and a little bling!
Stay Creative!