Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shakespeare Challenge Update

I am not finished with Pettrucio and Kate yet but they are coming along. I believe that I will be able to complete them on time.

Today's challenge was the ruff for Pettrucio. I scoured the internet and found a great site with instructions on how to make the ruff here. So off shopping I went to purchase some organza, some wire, decided I didn't need the horsehair braid for such a small ruff. While shopping, I passed the ribbon aisle. Duh..."just get some wired ribbon". Great idea...I can pleat that just like I was going to pleat the organza that I wired.

Got home...started pleating according to the instructions on the site. Pleating was not fun so after pinning a few pleats, I decided Pettruccio didn't need an authentic ruff that a gathered ruffLE. Time is of the essence!

I decided to fold the ribbon in half and take advantage of both edges of the ribbon and stitch on the fold. Why did I stitch with brown thread? Because that was what was loaded in the nearest needle...I mean, so you could see the stitches I made..hehehe.

So I stitched and gathered and DUH..."I can make the figure eights with gathered fabric!". Not bad, huh? I will fuss with them more later (when I have more time).

Stay Creative!



Sherry Goodloe said...

You're such a tease! I want to see more :)

Sue said...

Clever you! The ruffle looks fab!