Saturday, May 2, 2009

Digital Grounds by GOLDEN

Well I looked and looked but could not find an art supply that was carrying Golden's new "digital grounds". So last week I ordered the "try me" package from "Dick Blick"...they arrived on Thursday. This package contains 2 oz of each of the 5 different types of digital grounds they sell. I love "try me" packages.

"GOLDEN Digital Grounds turn just about any relatively flat surface into an ink-jet printable surface, providing the control and freedom to create textures and surfaces at whatever scale and shape desired." Click here for detail information and cautions on this new products from Golden.

It will be a "minute" before I will be able to try them...Shakespeare challenge, Gwendolyn class, etc.

Stay Creative!



Sherry Goodloe said...

Back away from the Golden products and get back to Shakespeare! LOL

Sue said...

My eldest daughter is an artist and I wonder if she knows about this Golden product? She loves Golden and uses a lot of their paints and gels, etc. Thanks for posting about this Lezlei