Monday, April 20, 2009

Where Do I Begin?

With my sincere apologies for being away from my blog for so long!

I had a WONDERFUL vacation in CA with Sherry of GotArt? (who happens to be my sister-in-law and bff). You're going to be SO jealous!

But first...I arrived on Wednesday at the Ontario, CA airport, not the John Wayne airport as I intended. The best that I can figure out is that when I was changing my reservations with the help of a reservation agent, he used my default instead of the destination I had originally reserved. Got a great price on an AVIS car the John Wayne airport...too bad I was at the Ontario airport where they had NO cars.

I tend to stay pretty calm in situations after all, I am an AVIS Preferred Customer, standing in the AVIS Preferred Customer line. The agent said they had some cars coming, but they were a little slow getting them prepared (i.e. washed, etc.) for the next customer. I smiled and gave him my patient eyes and said "If it's any consolation, I rent from AVIS because the cars are always clean and the fuel tank is always full." He seemed more relaxed.

Well, the first car up was a little light blue Hyundai...well I had reserved an intermediate size vehicle, but I drove away in the Hyundai, not for the great price I had for the intermediate car I had reserved at John Wayne...but for about $200 MORE!!! is what it is...headed out to run a couple errands before meeting my daughter and grand-daughter for an early dinner.

On the way, I decided the the Hyundai was just TOO small and uncomfortable for me to spend that much money! So I stopped at the AVIS in Chino Hills and explained my situation and asked to swap into a larger car. can't exactly swap. You have to close out the car (and paying for a minimum of 1 day - even though I had the car only an hour...$60 bucks with all the airport fees) you have and start a new contract at the new location.

So that's what I did...and with paying for 1 day (really 1 hour) with the Hyundai plus the cost of the new car for the remaining period ( a Chevy Malibu)...I ended up $100 bucks LESS than my great price for the car I reserved at the John Wayne airport!

Don't start the party too soon! He drove the car around to me, gets out and tells me that he didn't have time to wash it and the fuel tank was only 1/2 full!

OK here comes the WONDERFUL stuff...

Early dinner with my beautiful daughter-in-law and grand-daughter was awesome. We went to Chipotle's (my first time) the concept and the food. It was soooo good to see them...I really miss them in my daily life. After dinner we strolled over to the Chino Hills Farmers Market where I bought kettle corn for my nephew (Taylor) and 2 pieces of the "mystery item". Sherry is having a great give away for the person that can identify the "mystery item". Pop over here if you want to give it a try. Hmmm...hope I didn't give it away!

This post is getting way too long...see part 2 coming up next!!!
Stay Creative!


Sue said...

Missed ya...looking forward to Part 2 of the adventures of Lezlei! Too bad about the car mixup!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Nope, you didn't give anything away *hee hee*. I just left a clue/hint on that post to try to help folks out. As of the writing of this comment, nobody has guessed correctly. You should go read some of the guesses. Some are hilarious! LOL