Saturday, April 4, 2009

Too Stressed!

And you will never guess what has stressed me out! An invitation (that I accepted) to go out to see a play this evening with the next door neighbor. I have been stuck in the house so long...I can't seem to even WANT to get out! This is not good.

Also I have been away from my computer (and you) all week because I am letting my brother use it. I have been working on the two paperclay projects...finished one. Too bummed to even pull out the camera.

It's a hour before we are supposed to leave...I will let you know if I make it.

P.S. Picture above is of an ATC I made eons ago for a red, whit, and black challenge that I call "Harrassed By These Thoughts".

Stay creative!!!



Sue said...


That ATC is very apt.

Take some deep breaths, and go and have a great time at the play. Tomorrow post some pics of the project you have finished.

I have days like this sometimes too, but they ALWAYS improve.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Well, I hope you went to the play . . . since you accepted the invitation. There aren't many people like myself, that wouldn't "trip" if you cancelled.

But on the OTHER HAND . . . you sure had better show up HERE next week as PLANNED! LOL cyber hugs and kisses

PS Your Easter ham is in the freezer waiting for you to get here to bake it :)