Monday, April 20, 2009

I Just Had a Thought!!!

That Sherry!!!! I've been bamboozled...taken in by an elaborate method of deceit!!!

Remember back in February it was her birthday. Well, I decided that books would be my birthday theme for I bought her a few books for her birthday. She made a comment in an email yesterday that we got so many books that now we can't remember where we saw the haiku brush technique (we both bought a Haiku brush while I was visiting).

Day 1 - Wire Dress Form

The first day (Thursday)...I wake up and find a gift for me. I thought, "how nice". Then Sherry told me that there would be a gift every morning!!! Wow! I should have thought of that! When I arrived I just handed over the goodies I had for her. My first gift (above) - a wire dress form to embellish (I can't wait to rust it up and embellish!)

Day 2 - Tim Holtz Ornate Plates

Day 2 - Tim Holtz Grungeboard & Ephemera

A Tim Holtz Day! These items are new for Tim Holtz and probably JUST made it to market. Sherry picked up these precious items at the Stamp I know what I want to try!!! Yippee!!!

Day 3 - More...see that cute little birdie! A tin for my Cyndi Mahlstadt Class!

Day 4 - Rusty Things!

By now the days are running together! I am having trouble keeping the things separate so I know which day they belong to.
Day?...Masks, Butterflies, Chopsticks, Friend Coupons...

Day?...More Ephemera! Beautiful Lacy Paper Napkins

Day?...More! Hey I know what I can do with that doll head!

Day...Glittered Letters and Flourishes, Special Glass Glitter, More!

How was I bamboozled?

There were so many wonderful gifts that I couldn't fit them in my suitcase! Since I didn't want to pay for an additional piece of luggage, I decided to mail them. There were so many gifts that they would not all fit into the FREE boxes available at the USPS! I had to buy a large sized box to fit everything. I threw in the few items I purchased while there.

My box arrived on Saturday and I began to unload it. Where am I going to put everything in my 1 room existence (another story) so I can remember where it is when I need to use it.

Now I am thinking...all the gifts were PAYBACK for the birthday books! What do you think?

Sherry...thanks for all the wonderful gifts...hehehe!

Stay Creative!



Sherry Goodloe said...

I was just so tickled to have you here!! I'm glad you like your goodies *hee hee* The visit was jut waaaaay too short :(

Sheryl Parsons said...

Lucky lady! So nice to have sister like that. I'm sure you will cherish her always.