Monday, March 23, 2009

What Happens to a Lesson Deferred...

In my preparation for my business trip to Boston last week, I stopped at a retail clothing store to pick up a few items. You see, I have put on a few pounds since moving to Dallas, and since this was a business trip, I certainly didn't want to looked squished and or "unprofessional". [OK! It is really not that bad, but can I have a new outfit, please! And it really has little to do with this story, except to say...I was there.]
Well, while I was trying on my new outfit, one of the ladies that was also shopping, finished her selections and stepped to the cashier's counter to purchase her items. Well, as I stepped out of the dressing rooms, the cashier and the shopper took one look at each other and said "Don't I know you?". It just took them a few minutes to sort it out. Unfortunately, the cashier didn't figure it out first.

The cashier...a college student, but about 25ish.
The shopper...likely a corporate type, 50ish.

Shopper: I know who you are! Uh uh, Uh uh...I know who you are! (She let the cashier ponder a few seconds between the uh uhs...which made the cashier QUITE anxious.) Your family had a home next door my home several years ago. You are that little girl that threw raw eggs at my house and I had to knock on your door and tell your parents! Did you get in whoopin'?

Well the cashier's face confessed it all! She apologized repeatedly and said she didn't understand why she had done that as a child and that she had not thrown eggs at other houses (She probably should have kept that little tidbit to didn't make matters better.). Twenty minutes later when I finalized my purchases and the shopper was long gone, she was still embarrassed and was trying to figure out what made her do such a thing.

The moral of this story:

Stay Creative!



Sue said...

Hahaha! Great post Lezlei! Wondered where you got to, missed your blogs!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

What a great lesson and fabulous post! WOW!!!!
Thanks for sharing.