Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Serious Catching Up - Part 1a SIL Love

Part 1a - I Love My Sister-In-Law!
My sister-in-law (Sherry) is so awesome! I ordered a couple of items (vintage bottles) out of her Etsy shop "GotArt" and she put it right in the mail (she is so good about that). Well! I picked up the mail and there was a BIG box...and I thought, "Those bottles must be bigger than I thought". I opened up the box and it was filled with lots of sister-in-law LOVE...look what I found! Oh Yes, the bottles were in there

Even a box of Valentine Hearts...YUM! Now is that a great sister-in-law or WHAT?

Stay Creative!


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Sue said...

What fun to receive such a wonderful goody box! Your SIL seems to be a real gem!