Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award - For Me?

What a privilege to be selected for the Kreativ Blogger Award!!! But here is the REALLY COOL part...I was selected by Sue of Barton Originals, a fo'real artist! Check out Sue's recent interview on Art Dolls Only!

The requirement of the award is that you must list 7 things that you love and to pass the award onto 7 other deserving bloggers (and to notify them).

Here are the things that I love...

  1. GOD: I was headed for destruction when I found Him and learned He was there all the time waiting on me to receive Him.
  2. MY FAMILY: Clarence 29, Aaron 26; Daughter-in laws: Veronica, Amanda (respectively); Grand-daughter: Ianna; AND more...
  3. TRUE FRIENDS: I am been blessed to have a few REAL, FO'EVA, NO MATTER WHAT, THRU THICK AND THIN friends...the kind that you can depend on to tell you the truth, no matter what you would prefer to hear...and still love you.
  4. MUSIC: I played violin for several years achieving a degree of success (Kern County Junior Philharmonic Orchestra - 2nd Chair Violin). One of my favorite childhood treats was plunking on my great grand parents old player piano...I said "plunking". I played Bell Lyre (a lyre-shaped glockenspiel) in Lincoln Junior High School marching band. And was FORCED to learn marimba-think xylophone made of wood. Music MOVES Me! I recently heard Miri Ben-Ari "the hip-hop violinist"...awesome! Music scratches an itch that just can't be reached any other way!
  5. LONG, HOT, STEAMY BATHS with Crabtree and Evelyn bath their "new to me" Naturals...YUM!
  6. SOLITUDE: While I absolutely LOVE "the party", for me it has to be balanced with some creative solitude...don't bother me when I am in my "art zone", I am being refreshed and renewed.
  7. YOU! I am pretty new to the "blog world". Being able to communicate and share from my somewhat sequestered situation (working from home, caring for disabled mother and grand mother) has "saved" me.
That was hard...but somehow it felt good to remember those things.

Now the really hard part...

Through the OWOH giveaway, I had an opportunity to meet so many wonderful blogger/artists. As well as Barton Originals, I drive by these sites daily. I LOVE the kreativity of these bloggers!

Stay Creative!



Sherry Goodloe said...

Awwww, thank you for including me in your list my favorite sil-bff!

Packing this afternoon - will call you this evening :)

Sue said...

Love your blog more than deserved the award!



Julie Bou├ęsso said...

Thanks for stopping by the other day & leaving a comment, Lezlei. It is so rewarding knowing people actually stop by & read your "stuff". Yep, I am a slacker at times too, but I made great progress the other day. Just have to keep at it, too! :) You played the violin? Thanks for the hint on the hip hop violinist - I'll check her out! I love the sound of a violin... Haven't found my instrument yet, but wish I could play one - or sing. I love to sing as well & always dreamed of taking lessons.. Oh so much to do in life! Happy Friday! Cheers, Julie

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