Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where Have I Been...Again?

Health Update: Well I really haven't been feeling 80% (I haven't felt 100% since before I had children). You may recall an earlier "Where have I Been" post I mentioned that I had not been feeling well. My doctor ordered an additional test, an abdominal ultrasound. The result of the test showed that my liver is enlarged. My echo cardiogram was heart problems were seen. So we are on the hunt to determine why my liver is enlarged. I will take more blood tests next week. If results are still abnormal, I will need to go see a specialist.

However, I have managed to do some fun things...I just get tired easily. Here is a quick summary!

Visit to DE: I spent 6 days in Dover, DE visiting my son and his wife. I had a wonderful time! First he took me to PHL for a real Philly cheese steak sandwich...with whip....yummy! On Saturday we drove over to Ocean City beach...that was a blast. Check out my's henna (OK maybe I was having a little too much fun). I also had yummy funnel cake and some ranger fries smothered with apple cider vinegar...yum-my!!! Here are some pics...

Granddaughter's Birthday: Well it has come and gone. She is 10. She received all the goodies I sent and LOVED them! Here are some reminder pics that include a couple of decorative items I made for the gift wrap.

Sister's Birthday: Well it has come and gone. She is 58. I called her on her birthday to tell her Happy Birthday, of course, and to tell her that her birthday present was NOT in the mail. She laughed...again I'm stuck with the costuming! I know she will love it when she receives it.

Artful Voyage in Mexico: Sherry (GotArt!) and I have booked ourselves in a balcony cabin (we deserve it) on the Tim Holtz 8 day Artful Voyage in Mexico cruise. The cruise is scheduled for October...yippee!!!

Well that's enough for today. I will tell you about my "button adventure" in my next blog.

Stay Creative!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Lezlei, is that a photo of one of your dolls you made at the top of this post????

There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about our upcoming cruise! I am sooooo ready, as I'm sure you are as well :)

Love you - Sherry

Sue said...

Lezlei, I'm so glad that your heart tests were good, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will find out what is going on with your liver quickly - and then fix it!

Oh boy...that cruise sounds absolutely fabulous! What fun you and Sherry will have!