Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello, Do You Have Any Buttons?

After you read this post, you may be embarrassed that you know me.

I decided that I would make my granddaughter a button bracelet...quick, easy, cute. So I googled "buttons". I identified a vendor that was within driving distance and decided to give them a call first...

Ring...Hello, Benno's Buttons...Hello, I located your store on the you carry buttons...yes we you have a good supply of buttons...yes we do. (Nothing is worse than driving to somewhere and being disappointed with what the vendor has to offer.)
Still unsure of whether this was futile 17 mile trip, I headed over to Benno's Buttons. Well, I arrived, walked in the store and knew immediately that I had made a "grave" mistake. I should have NEVER actually went to Benno's Buttons. I should have just ordered what I wanted on their website. Here is why...

So what did I come home with...BUTTONS!!!

And of course with all those metal buttons I had to make a bracelet that evening....Cute huh?They even had a sale rack for discontinued buttons. Of course I grabbed up some excellent bargains!!!

So I am a little embarrased that I asked them if they had buttons. If you live in the Dallas area, stop by and tell them a blogger buddy sent you!

Benno's Buttons is located at:

1334 Inwood Road

Dallas, TX 75247

phone: 214.634.2324 / fax 214.634.2050

If you don't live in the Dallas area, you can order buttons from the Benno's Buttons website:
I definitely will be visiting them again!!!

Stay Creative!!!



Sue said...

"Do you have buttons?" LOL...I can see the salesperson rolling their eyes as they answered! Too funny!

WOW...yes, they certainly DO have buttons - a utopia of buttons!

Love the bracelet. I'll have to check out their website - although I have so many 1,000's of vintage buttons that I really shouldn't be looking at any more buttons.

Sherry Goodloe said...

That bracelet is just tooooooo cool!

Sarah said...

OMG!! When I see you on the cruise, you are going to be in BIG trouble for mentioning this button shop and forcing me to go there and check out all of those treasures!! I'm in the Mid-Cities...too close not to check it out! LOL
Just kidding (no I'm not)...found your blog through Sherry's blog. Looking forward to meeting you in CA.

Benno's Buttons said...

Lezlei Ann, thanks so much for the wonderful write up about our store. We just found it - and will be adding your blog to our new blogroll. We've got a brand new website and blog - and are thrilled you included us on your blog. Thanks so much - and come visit us again - :)- also- look for our new site very soon - until then, we're still at