Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sometimes the Yarn Calls Me

I learned crochet, knitting, sewing, quilting, gardening, and cooking at the feet of my Great Grandmother, Sally Brown.  What a blessing it was to have "Mama" until my junior year of high school!  When she passed away in 1971, the sewing that she had taught me had blossomed into designing and sewing all but a few pieces of my clothing for school.  I would always save my "lunch money" to buy pieces of fabric.  Back then, fabric was very affordable and sewing your clothing was a very economical alternative to purchasing ready-made items. 

There were many days that I would come home with an "idea" of an outfit that I wanted to wear to school the next day.  I would quickly finish my homework and maybe dinner for the family and start to sew.  I would design the pattern pieces, cut and sew the fabric sometimes waking early in the morning to finish a hem or any handwork.  There were many nights my mother would come in and send me to bed...I would wake u even earlier and finish my outfit and be off to school before she arose for the morning!

But I digress...we are talking about the yarn today!  Crochet and knitting are both so relaxing.  There is not a lot of set up required like some of the other hobbies I's just you, the yarn, the crochet or knitting needles, and maybe a pattern. No clean-up...just tuck your project back into the yarn basket when you're done for the day. 

I always have an abundant supply of beautiful yarns (and fabric).  Often when I am shopping for other items, a beautiful yarn (or fabric...smiles) will beckon me, jump into my shopping basket and make its way to my home and into my yarn stash with all the other beautiful yarns.

I have been making hats and scarfs (some skinny) and fingerless gloves...some patterns work up very quickly.  Most recently, this beautiful "Neapolitan" colored yarn beckoned me.  It was so relaxing working on this beautiful hat and skinny scarf.  It is worked with a combination of a modified "puff" stitch with single crochet borders on the hat and skinny scarf.  I have placed the Neapolitan set in my etsy shop here.

My next project...get all the items placed in my etsy shop to make room for the next call of the yarn...smiles.

Stay Creative!


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