Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ADO Travelling Doll Project Begins!

 I belong to a group of wonderful doll makers called "Art Dolls Only" (ADO).  This is the third year of the ADO Travelling Doll Project and I am participating again this year.  The first dolls shipped March 1st.  Last year the project was published in 2 issues of "Doll Collector" magazine!  Briefly, here is how it works...
  • The participating doll makers are divided up into teams.
  • Each team member begins the creation of a doll using any technique desired.
  • Each member also creates a journal for the doll created.
  • The doll and journal is mailed round-robin to each team member, who builds upon what each member has done prior to bring the doll to a completed state. 
 You can read more about ADO and the Travelling Doll Project at the links above.

All that to say...I will be sharing the journey of my doll "Margaret Indigo Grimsby" (aka "Big Maggie") as she travels across the country to 5 other wonderful doll makers.  I will be posting a link to her story on the Travelling Doll Project Blog as well as sharing other pictures here on my blog.  "Big Maggie" was shipped to Florida today to Moriah Betterly of MLB Studios, a full time artist / doll maker and instructor (working on my doll woohoo!).  I can wait to see what Moriah adds to "Big Maggie".

Meet "Big Maggie" saying good-bye to her "prim" friend, "Annie" and a few pictures of her paper bag journal.

See how carefully she is holding those hands...she's pretty proud of them!  I learned how to make Maggie's hands in a workshop called "Handling Hands" taught by Judy Skeel at  This workshop was EXCELLENT!!!  The class is being offered again on March 16 at an extremely affordable price which includes patterns for 2 types of hands and tips on how to fix some of the issues that articulated hands present (e.g. busted seams). But honestly, I followed the instructions and my hands came out PERFECT the first time!!! (Click on images to enlarge.)

Watch for more information on Maggie's travels!

Stay Creative!


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Sarah said...

Her hands are brilliant and I love her journal! I saw your comment about the sketch. I don't usually do that either-I think I was a bit apprehensive about starting the TDP and the sketch reassured me. It actually turned out to be useful as it gave me an idea how to shape the wire. I love doll making as there are just so many approaches!