Monday, April 18, 2011

New Doll - Unnamed

This little doll came together quickly, but is yet unnamed. She was created using the techniques I struggled through to create Fradira.  You can read about Fradira here

Fradira's little friend has a wire armature. 
Her feet are made from Apoxie Sculpt. Hands are machine sewn,
attached and stuffed with cotton batting.  Armature is then wrapped in batting. 

All wrapped in batting and ready to be "skinned".

Let the "skinning" begin!

All Skinned!

 I wanted to try yet a couple of other techniques on Fradira, but was afraid that I would mess her up or wouldn't like the result.  The techniques...the first was just just using paperclay to sculpt the head and shoulders into the fabric of the body...awesome technique...loved it...worked great! 

Head attached. Paperclay sculpted onto
fabric at shoulders and feet...seamless!

A view of the back and copyright label that will
actually be underneath the seal and paints.
The other technique was just sealing and painting the surfaces of her soft sculptured body...that also worked great!  She'll be a little cutie!
Multiple layers of a mix of molding paste
and acrylic gel before gesso.
 FRADIRA UPDATE:  All skinned and ready for head to be attached, posed, sealed and painted!

Gotta think of a name for Fradira's little friend!

Stay Creative!



Dawn in the Forest said...

I love this little doll:) I always like looking at work in progress's amazing to see your work come to life. Hope you have a wonderful week:)

Sue said...

She is looking great Lezlei! Looking forward to seeing both of these pieces done.