Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Askari, the Keeper

A recent mixed media art doll, "Askari, the Keeper" arrived safely to her new home in California to a dear friend of over 40 years, Edith.

Askari, the Keeper is a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) Art Doll or “figurative sculpture” created for the birthday of a dear long-time friend, Edith. She offers one of the many hearts she has kept over the years, each representing years of love and  almost 40 years of faithful friendship.  What a blessing!  (Now ya-ll know I am over 40...smiles.)

About Askari: She stands approximately 20” tall . Her face, hands and feet are hand sculpted from paper clay, hand painted with acrylics, then stained and sealed. Her body is a soft sculpture with a wire armature re-enforced on the right side with copper to allow her to stand. Her “hair” is made from the twisted pages of a vintage book of poetry that have been sealed and strengthened with bead gel. Askari’s clothing includes bits of vintage ribbon, lace, and fabric; her sleeves made from reclaimed silk fabric; her shawl from a vintage lace cuff. The hearts she carries are all hand-made from bits of fabric, and lace.

Here is a few pictures that show Askari's "evolution"

I hope she makes you smile!

Stay Creative!


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